Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Full Time Permanent


The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for leading the development and execution of the company's financial strategy. They oversee all financial operations, including the preparation of financial reports, adherence to financial plans and policies, and maintenance of fiscal records. The CFO manages various departments such as general accounting, internal auditing, payroll, accounts receivable, procurement, accounts payable, insurance, bonding, cash flow management, and risk management.


Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Create, develop, and implement departmental strategies aligned with the overall corporate strategy.
  • Provide strategic recommendations to the President & CEO.
  • Collaborate with functional areas and operating departments to support their strategies, goals, and objectives.
  • Manage and provide strategic oversight of the accounting and finance functions throughout the company.
  • Direct accounting and finance policies, procedures, and internal controls.
  • Ensure the stability, effectiveness, and efficiency of information technology services, including network systems and infrastructure security.
  • Select, train, and organize staff within the finance group to align with operational requirements and departmental strategic plan.
  • Manage, lead, motivate, and develop the team through job descriptions, professional development opportunities, and regular performance reviews.
  • Identify high-potential individuals for succession planning and ensure professional development, coaching, and mentoring within the finance group.
  • Monitor and manage the department's budget, maintaining efficiency and supporting ongoing growth in accordance with the departmental strategy.
  • Ensure compliance with local, provincial, and federal laws, statutes, regulations, and client policies.
  • Assist the President & CEO in creating, managing, and evaluating financial programs, including tax planning, asset conservation, real estate, and acquisition and growth initiatives.
  • Prepare annual budgets and variance reports.
  • Generate and analyze timely financial statements and management reports to identify weak areas and provide recommendations to improve efficiency.
  • Provide consultative support for planning initiatives through financial information analyses, reports, and recommendations.
  • Recommend and manage improvements in automated financial systems.
  • Develop reports and recommendations for the acquisition of fixed and capital assets, managing approvals based on budget provisions.
  • Manage the processing of revenue and expenditure documents, salary updates, ledger maintenance, and ensure appropriate internal control safeguards.
  • Manage work-in-progress (WIP) schedule, perform WIP reporting and analysis.
  • Develop and implement finance, accounting, billing, and auditing procedures, ensuring compliance with auditing standards.
  • Manage relationships with investors and external auditors.
  • Evaluate financial, administrative, and information systems requirements and assist in their development and implementation.
  • Collaborate with the HR Manager to monitor employee benefits programs and implement cost-effective changes.
  • Optimize bank and deposit relationships, strategizing to enhance cash position.
  • Identify and manage business risks and insurance requirements.
  • Review contracts to ensure alignment with corporate objectives and risk management strategies.
  • Conduct thorough financial analyses of proposed contracts, evaluating viability, profitability, and potential risks.
  • Represent the company externally to government agencies, financing providers, and insurance/bonding providers.
  • Advise the President & CEO and company stakeholders on long-term business and financial planning.


Job Specifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree required, preferably in Accounting or Finance; Master's Degree strongly preferred.
  • CPA strongly preferred.
  • Minimum of 10+ years of experience in accounting and finance.
  • Minimum of 5 years of management experience.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to present financial analysis and projections and make recommendations to company stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated strong leadership and supervisory skills.
  • Ability to work independently and unsupervised.
  • Strong multitasking and prioritization capabilities.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Proficiency in MS Office and accounting software. ERP system software experience an asset.