Power Generation

Coniston Generating Station 22kV-44kV Conversion

Client / Owner

Ontario Power Generation


Coniston Generating Station,
Sudbury, Ontario

Completion Date
January 2020
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Coniston Generating Station 22kV-44kV Conversion

In 2019, TESC was approved as a Vendor of Record for civil, mechanical, and electrical construction services for the Northeast Region for Ontario Power Generation. In June 2019, TESC was awarded the demolition and new installation to support the upgrade of existing substation from 22kV to 44kV at the Coniston Generating Station in Sudbury, Ontario.

TESC was responsible for the following:

  • Removal and disposal of equipment associated with the existing 22 kV power system at the Coniston GS powerhouse including the existing 22 kV switchgear, 22 kV – 2.3 kV Main Output Transformer (MOT), 22 kV instrument transformers, insulators, cabling, bus-work and associated junction boxes;
  • 2.3 kV Switchgear modifications including removal of the 1G1 breaker cell and switchgear reassembly;
  • Removal of all protection and control cabling associated with the 2.3 kV switchgear breaker 1G1;
  • Removal of the existing 100 kW standby generator and handover to OPG’s Coniston Work Centre;
  • Demolition of the carpenter shop and vestibule;
  • Construction of a new 44 kV 2.3 kV outdoor switchyard adjacent to the existing Coniston Powerhouse;
  • Station protection modifications to meet the HONI technical requirements for interconnection to the 44 kV feeder;
  • Installation of a new freewave radio system including radio tower and communication equipment shelter and 600V power/fibre poles to facilitate transmission and reception of protection signals with HONI Martindale TS;
  • Switchyard Grounding, Bonding and Fencing;
  • Installation of a new 250 kW standby generator and access platform; and
  • Pre-handover inspection, verification, and testing 

The project was successfully completed on time and on budget, with no injuries

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