Who We Are

We are TESC.
We are READY.
We are here for YOU.

We are a family founded,
family owned business.
We are where old school grit
meets new school proactivity.
We have local roots with
world wide reach.
We are more than a one-stop shop,
we are your right-sized shop.
We empower employees to be challenged, successful, and proud of their contribution. 
We are a family founded,
family owned business.


The milestones in TESC’s storied journey toward becoming one of the most trusted providers of Integrated Construction Services.


Born from grit & family values

Tom Lachance and Stan Huchenski started it all with their maiden project in Elliot Lake at Denison Mines, not far from Sudbury Ontario, the city they called home. These courageous individuals saw opportunity, demonstrated passion, and possessed a vision to succeed.


Forming the foundation

Now a thriving company, TESC expanded beyond their Sudbury roots with satellite offices in Ottawa and Thunder Bay. Stan’s sudden passing in 1985 cemented Tom’s dedication to carrying on and building a legacy organization.


Scaling up

While many companies had faltered during the recession, TESC was growing into one of the most esteemed contractors with a reputation for excellence in serving the mining industry. The acquisition of a large portfolio from a mechanical contractor gave TESC both skill and scale.


Building on the vision

A transition in ownership to Dario Zulich in 2000 marked a transformational chapter for TESC. That same year, TESC became ISO quality certified which set them apart as it was not the standard at the time. This was reflective of Dario’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision for growth through excellence and partnerships. As a local real estate developer, and son-in-law of original founder Tom Lachance, Dario inspired a new generation of talent. This included opening a satellite office in Saskatoon to serve the growing industrial market.


A reputation for excellence

40 years after incorporating, TESC had cemented itself as a multi-trade construction services provider, with expertise far beyond mining and shutdown services. TESC offered value and efficiency as a single-source contractor for industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) sectors, working across mining and metals, energy/power generation, and forest products.


Built to last

In 2020, after 20 years with the company, Julie Zulich became president of TESC. She picked up the baton as the world was entering a global pandemic, successfully steering the company into alignment as to how TESC would continue to make its mark. This included the creation of an advisory board composed of industry greats, investing in deeper professional development and retention programs, and kicking off a collaborative approach to aligning operations around client service and efficiency. Sudbury now became the head office for all national operations.

Looking ahead

READY for anything

President & CEO, Julie Zulich, is a strong promoter of diversity in the industry. As the daughter of founder Tom Lachance, she is dedicated to creating the third generation of TESC. Meanwhile, the team continues to build a reputation of experience, confidence, and trust by identifying and addressing clients’ project issues as their own and providing practical solutions to complex construction challenges.

Whatever your project needs,
TESC is READY to be your partner in success.
That’s our READY promise.
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TESC is a people first organization.
Always has been, always will be.

Meet some of the people that work hard every day to support you, our valued clients.

Julie Zulich

President & CEO

Julie Zulich is President and CEO of TESC Contracting Company Ltd., a leading provider of integrated construction services in Northern Ontario. Founded in 1976, TESC employs 300+ people and partners with clients on Industrial, Infrastructure, and Institutional projects, the more challenging the better. Julie is forging the next chapter of growth for TESC’s hard earned reputation as being READY for anything.

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Senior Leadership Team

TESC is led by President and CEO, Julie Zulich, in collaboration with a Senior Leadership Team and strategic support from the Advisory Board.

Ivo Campanelli

Advisory Board Member and TESC Controller

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Chad Larcher

Construction Manager

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Stephanie Rondina

Manager, Human Resources

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We understand that ultimately, clients are buying confidence in a job well done.
It’s a responsibility we take personally.


Our superpower is alignment around a core set of governing values. 


Genuine desire to look out for each other and our communities


The special combination of grit, goals, and proactivity that propels us forward


Principles that guide us to do the right thing, always


A culture of feeling connected, accomplished, and excited

Our values drive us to deliver exceptional service to our clients, create a positive work environment for our employees, and make a meaningful impact in the communities we serve.