Whether in the halls, on the job site, or in the shop, everyone at TESC is united by a promise that we call READY. This is how we achieve our mission to provide the best integrated construction and project solutions to our customers.

What does READY mean to us?

The TESC culture is defined by a special combination of skill, grit, and proactivity.

Because in an industry where there are a lot of players and a lot of promises,
it’s not what you say that matters - it’s what you actually do and how you do it.

Founded locally almost 50 years ago, TESC still operates with this entrepreneurial spirit.

What does READY mean to you?

READY means leadership in the face of complex challenges and opportunities.

It means mobilizing a deep bench of talent. It means being fair, accessible, and easy to work with. It means safety and quality standards that put everyone at ease. TESC understands that underlying every contract is an implicit trust in exceptional workmanship and value. TESC will always rise to the occasion on behalf of our clients. In fact, our reputation for READY precedes us.

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We strive to be the contractor of choice through a 5-pillar promise.

These are the details that make the difference.

for SAFETY, always and above all else.

An unwavering safety-first mindset that permeates throughout our organization and is integrated into all decision making. It means everyone goes home safe.

means VALUE.

Single-source efficiency and best Total Project Cost from a multi-trade contractor. Our upfront proactivity and insights save time and money downstream.

delivers QUALITY.

Reliable and proactive management from the first to the last day. TESC Project Controls mean we are ready for anything and everything.


Whatever the challenge, you can trust that we’re on it. Your TESC team will be accommodating, easily accessible, sincere, and fair.


We are proud of our loyal clients and loyal network of trades.

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Building a better future, one project at a time.

TESC knows that it’s not just what you do, but how you do it.
These are the four pillars that act as guiding principles for how we work.

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